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Assume we have the following mappings:


f[1] := proc (x) options operator, arrow; piecewise(0 <= t and t <= 1/2, (1/2)*x(2*t), 1/2 < t and t <= 1, (1/2)*x(2*t-1)+1/2) end proc


f[2] := proc (x) options operator, arrow; t*x(t) end proc


 Note that the argument are mappings (i.e, x(t) is a continuous function defined on [0,1]). Given an array with values in {1,2}, for instance [1,1,2],and a function h (say, h:=t->t) How can we define the composition mapping f[1]f[1]f[2](h)?

In general, I want to plot the composition mapping f[i1]f[i2]...f[iN](h), i1,i2,...,iN being 1 or 2 and h a given continuous function defined on [0,1]


Many thanks in advance for your comments.




There is some procedure/function to convert C code into maple code? For instance, the above text file


contains the C code of this paper  http://www.dcs.bbk.ac.uk/~jkl/pubs/JL1_00a.pdf to compute the image of a point in [0,1] under the N-dimensional Hilbert curve and vice versa (i.e., given a point P in the N-dimensional cube [0,1]^{N} find the point t in [0,1] such that t is mapped into P under the Hilbert curve)

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the C programming language.

Many thanks in advance for your comments.


The algorithm in this PDF is written in Fortran, but unfortunately I do not known this programming languaje (actually, I am not an "expert" in progamation).

Algoritmo_Fortram.pdf  [removed by moderator. © Institute of Mathematics AS CR, 1980]



Could someone please write this algorithm in Maple? Or, at least, indicate me how to do.

Many thanks in advance for your comments.


There is a (relatively) known software code (written in C), called ." GKLS-generator" or "GKLS" to generate, according to certain user paramenters, optimization test functions. The code is available for free at the web


The download with the files of the GKLS is the following:  download

I would like to write this code in Maple. In the attached zip there is a PDF explaining how to build these functions. For now, I tried the follwoing Maple code GKLS_v4.mw

I think I'm doing something wrong, since the drawing generated by the attached Maple does not look much like the PDF in the attached zip (Fig. 1 of page 8).

Please, Can you help me with this?

Many thanks in advance for your comments.




Assume that we have, in the cube C:=[-1,1]^N, for a fixed integer N>=2, a point X1  and   cosider the (closed) ball centered at X1 and radius R1:=0.6. Fixed an integer m>2, Somebody can indicate me how to compute the centers (belonging to C) and the radius of m disjoint balls with the above ball?

That is to say, compute points X2,...,Xm (in C) and positive numbers R2,...,Rm such that the intersection of the (closed) balls B(Xj,Rj) for j=1,...,m be empty. 

Some suggestion?

Many thanks in advance for your comments.

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