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I will try to find the way to post here something in English. The pictures are not enough.

Thank Axel for suggestion

All the posts are about absolutely new approach in engineering, not about my person.

As I understand your main idea is

"Though I do not know about Engineering at all and can not digest that: "

S.Wolfram: "The new kind of science". Please take a look at this book if my person is non comfortable for you...

Here is an article about solution comparison Autodesk Robot Structural and TIMO Structural. The article is in Russian language, but the figures detect results and understandable.


The beginning point of research is Maple2005 Conference where in contributed session was made a presentation “The new generation software in applied mechanics”. The first step was a Mechanics of Materials toolbox for Maple as MapleConnect package. I thank Maplesoft for MapleConnect program and wish to say special thank to Tom Lee who first detected the new Maple package by good words.

It would be very good to say thanks to Microsoft for the WPF NET 4 platform where such 3D interactive interface became reality. Special thanks for the partnership relations within Start-Up program.
TIMO Structural is developed as enthusiasm wave not by some others ways.

Now it is ready about 80-85% with 95% readiness of main parts of product: two math machines Alina for numerical and symbolic mode analysis. It requires to finish:
1.    UI symbolic data management;
2.    Help documentation;
3.    Code refactoring;
4.    Integration tests;
5.    Preview build, feedback analysis.

But at this moment the project strongly needs in support for work finishing.
I need to make an appeal to World Maple Сommunity for donation and I promise
presented full functionality professional version with upgrade within 5 years (to each donator for the 50$ at planning price 1000$ or more). Details of donation program will be soon.

The next screenshots will show comparison analysis TIMO Structural results with flagman industry product Autodesk Robot Structural solution. 

Deep respect to Autodesk for free academic program.

As. Professor Sergey Orlov,
Microsoft Start-Up BizSpark Partner,
PhD in applied mechanics



Engineering calculations in parallel mode by Alina math machine based on Maple


In the picture above there is math machine Alina based on Maple works at structure (530 rods) by cascades of 4 threads of mservers (maple).

Direct link: http://www.orlovsoft.com/tscreenshots/ForMaplesoft.png

Hello Students and Lecturers,
Is there are anybody who works with applied mechanics or here is pure mathematics community?

Prices are in giving a more precise definition...


And absolutely free for previous version 1 users



Timothy: If I could only have one I'd take the paper version. Yes that is right! I am too.
Hello All! It is very nicely to relax in bathroom with Maple Advanced Programming Usual Book reading. It is very nicely to fast search and copy code blocks with Maple Advanced Programming E-Book too.
I have only one question. You tried to create the .eps file by Maple code as I understand, not by hand. Is it right? And you look this file in some folder, but you can not open it. Is it right? Open the .eps file in some notepad software and change all commas to points.
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