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I have a PDE system that relates four functions: sht1, svt1, Lt1, Jirt1.

I'm trying to solve this system numerically, but the pdsolve command returns an error (this error does not make sense to me).

Where am I going wrong?


I'm trying to do something very simple, but I can not do it. I would like to fill the chart with colors of my choice.

restart: with (plots):
plots [animate] (plot, [[sqrt (x), sqrt (x) -1], x = 0..t, filled = true, view = [0..20, 0..5]], t = 0..20);

The filled = true option fills the graph with random colors.
I tried to use filled = ["Blue", "Red"], but that does not work.

Any tips?

Thank you


I am encountering problems solving a system of differential equations.

In the attached file, on the first try the boundary conditions are defined in H: = He, resulting in "Error, (in DEtools / convertsys) unable to compute coeff". On the second try, the boundary conditions are defined in H: = He + 0.00000000000000001 and this works.

What is the possible cause of the problem?

Thank you

I'm trying to solve an ODE system from an IVP problem, but the error occurs: "Error, (in ...) cannot evaluate the solution further left of ..., maxfun limit exceeded (see ?dsolve,maxfun for details)"

I've already tried modifying the maxfun value but this did not work. I would like some suggestion.

Thank you

Is it possible to increase the execution speed of the dsolve command? For example, is it possible to increase speed with the use of Multithreaded tools?

Thank you for your help

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