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it still crashes...when i run it without changing the values i get these errors:


Error, (in plots/animate) incorrect first argument
Error, (in plots/animate) incorrect first argument
Error, (in plots:-display) expecting plot structures but received: [A, B]

Y is it that when i change the values in ur worksheet i can't access the animation any more?

Final Question....thanx for all the help so far...how would i animate two balls colliding with one another?

sorri about the late post...i was also wonderin how i could calculate the x and y components of the final velocties if i was given the x and y compoenents of the intial velocity of two objects...sorri...btw the last one helped me understand a bit more about this...but i'm still kind of confused...

btw...can u still help me out on the angle portion...she didn't explain that too me...

Thanx so much...you explained it and i actaully get it...thanx a lot...teacher explained it and i was so lost....so thanx alot

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