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Hi again! :-)

I just ran into another problem with units...

I want to remove all units from an expression like this one


I've tried with convert(V[dis],'units_free') but Maple wont let me use that command, when the expression contains units in powers (square and cubic).

I guess there is another way arround, but how?

Best regards


I need to assign a name to a result calculated from a system of equations. In this case, i've got 2 equations and 2 solutions. I want to assign a name to the each of the solutions.

solve({-a+4*b = 0, 2*a+7*b = 2}, {a, b})

{a = 8/15, b = 2/15}

How do i assign a name for a and another for b?

Hi again!

Just a simple question...

Is it possible to i remove runits with a command? i know that i can right click on a value with units, and choose remove unit.

But it would be better if i could use a command like simplify

Hi! Just got help for my first question about Maple in here and it worked out great! :-)

I got one more question, I think it might be difficult to do, but let's see.

I've got a worksheet with about 6 equations. These equations depend on one single variable at the start (the first equation results in a value that the next equation uses and so on), the problem is, the variable has 11 different values, and I want 11 results that come out from...


I just started using Maple for my engineering study some weeks ago, i have had luck finding help by google and forums so far. But now i ran into the first problem i can't find any answers for.

I want to add some values in a table like you can in excel. The values have to change like everything else in the document when then references changes and

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