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I have more than a decade of teaching experience in Mathematics for various Undergraduate programs in reputed educational institutions in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. Currently working as Assistant Professor in Mathematics and as Managed Network expert for Chegg E-Learning services private limited, Kolkatta, INDIA, for two years for solution authoring and content creation in Mathematics.

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Good morning sir,


I request you to provide the correct Maple proc to generate the Gershgorin circles for a given

Square Matrix

Good morning sir,


I request your support for the above cited subject.

Once a plot is generated using Maple commands for a certain problem, to lable the axes

I am facing the problem to lable at the desired positions on the graph.

Good morning sir,


I request you to provide the Maple Proc to solve the equations by Muller's method because it requires three 

initial approximations and the iteration process is very much tedious to get the desired accurate approximation.

Good morning sir,


I request you to help me out to solve the equations by using Muller Method & Horner's method using Maple.


With thanks & regards



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