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I have more than a decade of teaching experience in Mathematics for various Undergraduate programs in reputed educational institutions in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. Currently working as Assistant Professor in Mathematics and as Managed Network expert for Chegg E-Learning services private limited, Kolkatta, INDIA, for two years for solution authoring and content creation in Mathematics.

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Good morning Sir,


The output of Gompertz Model is showing exponential decay values but it is stated that

it is on of the exponential growth models. Please clarify this ambigity. The following problem is one such example

Fit a Gompertz growth model to the following data

Good afternoon sir,


I am getting the reslut around a=22 degreees  instead of 33 degrees when solved the following Trigonometric equation

A sin α cos α + B sin2 α − C cos α − E sin α = 0,

where A = lsin β1, B = l cos β1, C = (h + 0.5D) sin β1 − 0.5Dtan β1,
and E = (h + 0.5D) cos β1 − 0.5D.

Good morning sir,


Please help me out to fit the Gompertz growth model using Maple.


with thanks & regards



Good afternoon sir,


Some of the Problems related to Numerical Analysis consuming much of time when solved using Maple.

I noticed at the bottom of Maple worksheet Evaluationg in animated form for a very long time.

How to overcome this type of problem in Maple. Please kindly suggest the best method.


with regards



Good afternoon sir,


I am getting frequently error message while finding the approximate value using False Position method

for the function f=1+x-2sin(pix) 0<=x<=0.5

If I replace pi by 3.14 it is giving the result. Please solve this problem for me.


with regards



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