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I'm trying to write a procedure which will (among other things) create a list of plot strcuctures and display them. For example: testplot:=proc(n) local i,P; for i from 1 to n do P[i]:=plot(x,x=2*i..2*i+1); end do; plots[display]([seq(P[i],i=1..n)]); end proc; But this doesn't work; apparently the plot structures I'm trying to create in the "P[i]:=plot..." line are somehow invalid. How can I make this work? Thanks, Alasdair
I'm producing some Maple notes for my students, and I'm using the LaTeX "listings" package. This means I can get nice ascii text inside a grey box of the size I want. The trouble is that I also want to include some typeset output, and I'm not quite sure how to mix plain text and mathematics typesetting using listings. Or does somebody know of a better solution? What I want is for the Maple stuff (input and output) to be in grey box, to immediately differentiate it from my other text and discussion. And since the Maple ascii input contains all sorts of characters, the various LaTeX verbatim styles might not be much help.
I teach some mathematics subjects to students studying a computer science course. Most of these students dislike maths (I'm Australian, hence "maths" instead of "math"), and are doing it only because it's a core subject in their first year. I should also point out that many of my students have a very weak maths background, and so find the maths that I teach (which over a year covers logic and boolean algebra, some combinatorics, and linear algebra and calculus) very difficult and demanding, and often simply dull. I've been using Maple for about four or five years now; each week the students work through a sheet of Maple exercises (which are all marked) designed to enhance their learning. But here's the thing - the students actually don't like Maple! They would much rather spend that hour having a standard tutorial, working through pencil-and-paper problems, than in a computer lab with Maple. So I need to change my approach; to somehow make Maple more central, more enjoyable, and more "enhancing" than I've been doing up to now.
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