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Dear All,

Please can someone help me in writing the Maple program for the following, I am stuck :




A2(n)=1 for n=1


A2(n) = (sin((n-1)*beta/2))/((n-1)*(beta/2))           for n is not equal to 1

note pls: n= 1, 3, 5,....

Thanks in advance

Dear All,

I am trying to find the exact amplitude and phase angle for the signal, with values attached using MATLAB.  BUT the phase angles doesn't make sense.  Can you guys help me in doing the FFT of the signal and find the amplitude and phase using MAPLE.   I am interested in,  fundamental component, 5th , 7th , 11th, 13th 15th, 17th and 19th harmonics with their phases.

I shall be very thankful if anyone of you can actually solve the problem.

Dear All,

I need help in adding following two set of equtions in MAPLE, your help will be really appreciated:

w:=2*Pi*100:  O:=5*w





Addition of following two equations required pls


Hi guys,

I have the following complex equation,


It gives a value which is constant for frequency upto 3000 Hz, i.e. if I run the solution again keeping all the values constant the result is the same  BUT   When I change the frequency to 15000 Hz, the equation still give me the result but every time its different when I run the program with constant values.

Dear All,

I am trying to add the following two equations but MAPLE doesn't give me one value i.e. either in cos or sin,  its giving me both so don't know which one to choose sin or cos:

A:= (142.3*cos(w*t))*cos(theta);

B:=(142.3*cos(w*t + Pi/6))*cos(theta+Pi/6);




Looking forward to your kind replies.

Best Regards






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