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Hello fellow Maple users. 
I have been useing Maple for 5 month now and i think its a great program. But sometimes i find it a bit difficult to use. 
When i plot a function i would like to see the function on the line in the plot that represents the funtion. So if have several lines representing different functions, i would Maple to highlight the function when i hower over the function 
with the mouse .. Is this posible ? I know its posible in Inspires CAS. 

It must be posible for Maple to label the plots with the function ??? If not Maple programmers got a job...

Hello hello... 

Is there a way i can double underline and math answer i Maple 17 ? 

Like when you write 2+2=4 and you want to double underline 4 ??

Many thanx in advance 


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