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Finished Ph.D. in Applied Algebraic Geometry in Biology and did postdoc in Mathematics of Chemical Reaction Networks, University of Copenhagen. Another postdoc in Nonlinear Dynamics in the Mathematical Models of Cell Biology at University of Szeged. Currently a research fellow at Coventry University. Main interests; Applied and Computational Algebraic Geometry, Computer Algebra, Mathematical Biology, Chemical Reaction Network Theory, Population Dynamics. I'm also a language lover!

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For a numerical integration in Maple, one only adds evalf(...) to the integration commend. Now my question is that is it also the case for the multi-integration? Also consider that the multi-integration of the Maple doen't give any answer for some examples. So I think putting evalf around them, doesn't help. How can someone compute a numerical approximation of a multi-integration by Maple? Is there any prepared commend or package for it?

Let's say you have a m times n matrix and you want to ask Maple to computes all of its p minors (p smaller than minimum of m and n). Is there any prepared command for it at Maple? I can write a procedure myself, I just want to know if there is a command in Maple or not. The minor command in LinearAlgebra package is just computing determinant of a square matrix after removing a given row and a given column which is not what I'm talking about.

Is the smallest unit of time that Maple can use to report the computation time millisecond? When I use time(...) the output is a floating-point number with at most three digits after the floating point and since the unit in Maple help is said to be seconds, I'm thinking the smallest time unit it will report is millisecond. Is there any possibility to have more digits in the time reports, let's say up to 10-5 seconds?

How can I ask Maple to plot intersection of two implicitplot3d? It is explained how to draw the union in the Maple help by simply entering a list to combine plots, but I didn't see anything about intersection.

In the Maple help to use a matrix defined monomial order it is said to define a matrix and a list of variables and then typing 'matrix'(M,V). But I fail to use it. A very simple example:

Groebner[LeadingMonomial](y^3+x*y, 'matrix'(M, V));

But Maple shows this error:


Error, invalid input: Groebner:-LeadingMonomial expects its 2nd argument, tord, to be of type {MonomialOrder, ShortMonomialOrder}, but received matrix(Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = 0, (2, 1) = 0, (2, 2) = 1}), [x, y])

What is wrong?

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