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Finished Ph.D. in Applied Algebraic Geometry in Biology and did postdoc in Mathematics of Chemical Reaction Networks, University of Copenhagen. Another postdoc in Nonlinear Dynamics in the Mathematical Models of Cell Biology at University of Szeged. Currently a research fellow at Coventry University. Main interests; Applied and Computational Algebraic Geometry, Computer Algebra, Mathematical Biology, Chemical Reaction Network Theory, Population Dynamics. I'm also a language lover!

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I have a system of equations in several variables and I just need one numerical solution of it, I tryed to use fsolve of Maple but it always show me some errors or gives back the command as the output.

aaghulu := {-6-4*y-x-(1+y)*x+sqrt((4*(1+y))*(2+x)*(4+2*y+x)+(-(1+y)*x+2+x)^2), (2*(4+2*y+x))*(1+y)-(1+y)*x+2+x+sqrt((4*(1+y))*(2+x)*(4+2*y+x)+(-(1+y)*x+2+x)^2)-(2+y)*(-(1+y)*x+2+x+sqrt((4*(1+y))*(2+x)*(4+2*y+x)+(-(1+y)*x+2+x)^2))};

fsolve(aaghulu, {x, y}, maxsols = 1);


I will be happy if someone guide me how to do these kinds of things using Maple.

Of course it's easy to write a procedure to compute the ith Horner polynomial of a polynomial but I'm carious to know if there is any built-in command for doing this, I searched in help of Maple and found several ways but they convert or rewrite the input polynomial in Horner form so the output is last Horner polynomial which is equal to the input polynomial with this difference that it is written in a kind of factorization form which shows the Horner structure and ofcourse with looking at it you can read other Horner polynomials too but why not having exactly the ith Horner for the output? So is there any other command with output being the ith Horner?

When I right click on a plot and add a label name for the vertical axis, it is shown in horizontal way next to it, what should I do if I want to have it in a vertical display along the axis written upward?

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