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Since 1980, my professional activity was carried out in the fields of experimental physics, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and scientific High Performance Computing (HPC). During my career I also gained experience in teaching general physics, numerical mathematics, probability and statistics and parallel programming. In 1987, I obtained a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Lausanne for an experimental research conducted at CERN, and in 1991 a Master’s degree in ICT from EPF Lausanne for a work in parallel computing. After 1991, I have specialised in numerical simulation, first at CSCS of ETH Zürich as scientific consultant, and later at NEC Germany as branch and technical manger of the Swiss HPC office. From September 2008 to April 2013, I was employed at the SUPSI in the applied research field and teaching. From November 2014 to march 2015, I followed an internship as scientific collaborator at the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland. Since april 2015, I no longer work and I spend part of my time in cyclic studies in the following fields: physics (in particular QFT applied to elementary particles), mathematics (in particular complex analysis) and electronics (analysis, simulation and construction of particular circuits). I am always interested in creative activities at research, development or support level involving physical aspects (theoretical, experimental and computational). I am also interested in teaching.

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