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Hi Niki,
Thanks for your question. I'm sure this one is on the minds of many of our Mac users these days!
It is definitely our intent to provide native support for Apple's M1 family of processors in a future release of Maple. We're working on that now, but I don't have an exact timeline that I can share with you at the moment.
At the same time, we're testing current versions of Maple running on Apple Silicon devices through the Rosetta 2 translator. The results have been promising so far, and we'll provide more information about compatibility as we complete that process.

-- Andrew.


Please contact Maplesoft Technical Support at (or via the contact information found at  Hopefully, they'll be able to help you diagnose the source of the problem without the need for a clean re-install of Windows.


Maple can't currently copy multiple outputs back into input, but if you copy each line individually you should get the desired result.  So, for example, if you copy only the blue output from the first statement (eq1 := 4*x...) and paste it into a new input, it will be pasted as editable, executable input.


Hi Christopher,

Both Maple 13 and 14 are actually using the same fonts.  The difference is in the interpretation of "Default" for the Font Antialiasing setting in the Options panel.  In Maple 13 and earlier, a setting of "Default" meant "Disabled" for most cases (the main exception being Chinese and Japanese versions of Maple, where font antialiasing is needed to render the characters legibly).  For Maple 14, we've enabled font antialiasing as the default for a much wider range of systems.

Why the change?  The font antialiasing algorithm used by releases of the Java runtime that were available when we shipped previous versions of Maple had some weaknesses.  Among the most egregious of these was that the diagonal stroke would disappear from the italic letter "z" or upright numeral "2" when rendered at certain point sizes -- clearly not an acceptable situation for mathematical software!  Fortunately, most of the problems have been resolved in the Java runtime that's distributed with Maple 14, so we're finally able to enable font antialiasing as the default configuration.

There's no public API for the MapleCloud Document Exchange at the moment.  Do you have a particular application in mind or capability that you'd like to see implemented?  Perhaps it's something that we could consider for a future version of Maple.

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