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Thank you acer.  That's very informative.

Thanks for your help.  I thought it was OK to try symbolic integration and then numerical integration if that failed...

From Maple's help command (evalf int or Numerical Integration):

The most common command for numerical integration is evalf(Int(f, x=a..b)) where the integration command is expressed in inert form to avoid first invoking the symbolic integration routines. It is also possible to invoke evalf on an unevaluated integral returned by the symbolic int command, as in evalf(int(f, x=a..b)), if it happens that symbolic int fails (returns an unevaluated integral).

Based on previous experience, the statement that I highlighted in bold is usually correct!  But I guess the conditions under which "It is possible"  are more complicated than just symbolic int fails....

Thank you.  Your trick for avoiding evalhf seems unintuitive, but I'm impressed.  It works!!

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