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@Jean-Claude Arbaut 
Thanks for your reply.

I wasn't aware of such a tool in Maple. I tried, and it worked. Thanks again.

But it is still unclear to me how to use the optimized expression? I couldn't find on a Maple help page how one can refer to the old variable using the new optimized version of it?

For example in Matlab, I do nothing, the program itself stores the variable in an optimized way, and when I call it or assign value to it, Matlab does it itself.

For example, consider I have a huge expression for "A", and A1:=optimize(A):
Now, how can I use A1 instead of A?



Many thanks for your response.

I tried what you did (removing both simplify normal) and now it works.

But, it shows the length of 397593353 for length(Ldiff(f,z[6],x)) on my PC.
I was wondering can I obtain this expression with a smaller length?


Thanks for your reply.

Please see the attachment in my previous response.

Please run the "" file while you have other files in the current folder.

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