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As far as I see you have a linear system 4 x 4. The according matrix has rank <= 3. Hence the solution is not a point

For your example the following would do:

sin(x)/x; convert(%, hypergeom, include=sin); convert(%, BesselJ);

or even shorter

sin(x)/x; convert(%, BesselJ, include=sin);


convert(%, MeijerG);
#convert(%, hypergeom); # needed if evalf is used
convert(%, Int): value(%);
                          \      Beta(1/2, k)
                           )     ------------
                          /                2
                         -----    (2 k + 1)
                         k = 1

    1/4 Pi    MeijerG([[-1/2, 0, 0], []], [[0], [-3/2, -3/2]], -1)

                            4 - 4 Catalan


You may try assuming, not assume. Or use "simplify(%) assuming ..." for the result.

BTW: Maple 2021 returns /(A^2-B^2)^(1/2)*EllipticK(B*2^(1/2)*(-1/(A^2-B^2))^(1/2))

I posted an answer at   but that thread disappeared (was it deleted?)

indets(%, symbol);
                                {E, T}

So your VT depends on E = income and T = time and the following shows the values:

plot3d(VT, E=10^5 ... 10^6, T = 1 ..5, axes=boxed);

plot3d(VT/E, E=10^5 ... 10^6, T = 1 ..5, axes=boxed); shows you the values relative to income

Remark: your r seems to stand for rates, 0.1 = 10% is somewhat high, perhaps you want to see it for 1% or 3%

You may consider to use Excel and - if really needed - connect Excel and Maple

well ... hm ...


convert(v, exp); simplify(%); abs(%);

gives 1/2*2^(4/5)

The easy way would have been to do it during installation of Maple, one of the final steps ask whether it should open those files as default application.

I guess you are on Windows (because you say "PC").

After selecting one *.mw file through the context menu (=right mouse key) you can say "always open with" and can select the application through a dialog (you should however know where your maple is installed, for example "C:\Program Files\Maple2021\bin.X86_64_WINDOWS\maplew.exe".

Edit: Likewise you can use Windows' System Control to define which (standard) programs handle specific file extensions. That will depend on your Win version - and since I have a non-concurrent German version you better google for that way yourself (works for any pairing program & file extension)

1/12 + arbitrary constant is still an arbitrary constant

Your command says "cut at +-5 for the y-axis"

Try: plot((x^3 - 4*x^2 - 9*x + 36)/(x^3 - 9*x),  x = -3 .. 3);


It seems to dislike floating point numbers.

L:= convert(x2[1], rational);
numboccur(L, 0);

It is non-negative, but not strictly positive. You may look at

minimize(exp(x)+exp(y)+exp(z)+2*exp(-x-y-z), location);

I am rusty on this - but error 53 refers to run time libraries, so it is *.DLL and not *.xla


PS: you do not really want to post 2 very different questions in just 1 thread.

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