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Here it may be simple/elegant - but what about running up to Pi + Pi/4 or Pi + Pi/2 ?


Maple uses the conventions in Abramowitz & Stegun or DLMF,

I am not aware of a commitment though, say through Maple's documentation

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Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


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Maple Worksheet - Error

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@maple123 you already have 2 examples on treating such a task, I will not do the 3rd.

@Carl Love I see what you mean: integral = antiderivative + constant(y),
though the tasks ignored any constants and therefore are not quite wellposed

But ignoring such presentations would be a restriction for parametric integrals (and I was viewing at it as such)

The second question was also asked later by maple123 and answered by a different user. That post vanished (, but here is a sketch:

Write it as Int(diff(u(x,y),x)^2,x) + Int(diff(u(x,y),x$2)*u(x,y),x) = A + B.

Then IntegrationTools:-Parts(A, (diff(u(x,y),x))^1) + B gives you the desired result

I consider that as a bug (using an old Win and Mpl 2021 Testversion).

As workaround I tried for your example of the triangle:

- export in RTF-format: works, but formulas are displayed ugly and difficult to read

- export as HTML: works fine, print from there using an external pdf-printer

I see - you mean the online documentation, sorry ... personally I almost never need or use it

I do not miss that. You seem to assume that (all) users have Latex installed. Why they should?


Doesn't your limit mean that t is real (for Maple)?

Start with the inner integral. It will be a function of x.

@Christopher Tocci 

Essentially you want the integral Int(1/(theta*tan(theta)+c),theta = 0 .. Pi/2) or likewise theta/2 and up to Pi. It is computed really fast by Maple numerically. Your approximation needs a range for c. Note c = 0 means t=0 in the original question.

@daljit97 Modify the code to print that C in any case, given the x,y,z in the loop. You will see 2=0 or ... or 0=0. If the expression is true then it is printed.

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