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Many thanks Alex, it was precisely what I needed!!!

hmmm, it seems to be not working. Let me try to say it again:

I want to export plots to the root c:\ of my PC, no directories involved. Since I want to export more than 1 plot, I want to create a loop that gives different names to each file: test1.eps, test2.eps, test3.eps, test4.eps and test5.eps.

I tried to incorporate your suggestions concerning the quotes but It did not work. BTW, I use Maple 11:

> for i from 1 to 5 do
> interface(plotdevice=ps, plotoutput="c:/test"||i||".eps", plotoptions=`color,portrait,noborder,width=16cm,height=12cm`);
> plot(cos(i*x), x = -5..5);
> interface(plotdevice=inline);
> od;

It generated 5 files but no Adobve Illustrator could not open the files.

What can be wrong?





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