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Thank you for the kind words. As you have said this is a bit beyond the scope of MapleSim support. Maybe somebody from our community can help you out with this topic. 

A bit of Googling might be the best option here. For instance, I found this forum discussion where a user is requesting something quite similar.

Hope this helps!


Glad to help!

For your next set of questions, I think that starting with reading this help page will assist you: 


CAD Component Geometry -> The x,y,z scaling factors are decided by the .stl file brought in. To access the .stl files used here, open the .msim file with a zip program like 7zip by right clicking and selecting "Open With". If you want to know the details about the CAD components, you should open these .stl files in a suitable program. If you want to attach new .stl images, you can use the instructions in the help page I linked above.

Sim components vs CAD -> If you click on the Rigid Body Frames that the blades sit on, you will notice the parameter r__{x,y,z} has the scaling factor "l". This scaling factor is decided by the CAD component property "Scale Factor".

Keep up the exploration!

For curious searchers, this problem was solved by copying and pasting contents to a new worksheet.


Unfortuantely without knowing the source of the code that caused this issue, it was difficult to reproduce and diagnose.


I am not getting any error for the example $A=9, $B=3, $RESPONSE=3 or $RESPONSE=3/1. The only area I get an issue with is something like $A=4, $B=4, where the numerator is equal to the denominator. I am working on some grading code to account for 1/1, but cannot make any promises.

If you do find cases of whole numbers giving you issue, please report back. Also note my code was not meant to work with your algorithm, it was a standalone question. You will have to adapt it accordingly.

I'll keep you posted!

@Doug Meade 


This is a great idea, and may work for a MathApp type question where we make a comprehensive worksheet in Maple and host it through Maple T.A. Possibly we could create an action in this worksheet's startup code where an empty answer field creates a string that is sent to the T.A grading code for the variable $RESPONSE. From there, as you stated, we could use conditional statements to evaluate the multiple possible answers. Unfortunately that is a resource intensive process for such a simple application!

The main issue with this problem is that within T.A. directly, empty answer boxes are automatically marked as wrong, and grading code is not even considered, so checking for empty strings won't work.

Maplesoft Technical Support

Hello Elisabeth,

Thank you for using Maple Primes, and thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I have informed our Maple T.A. developers of this bug, and it should be fixed in an upcoming update.

In the meantime, I can suggest a temporary fix. In T.A. 2016 questions, you have the option to click the "Source" button, and manually manipulate the HTML and CSS source code. By adding the following "style sheet", you can adjust the padding and spacing manually. To do so, just create a table the way you normally would, click the "Source" button, and then copy in this style sheet above it. Once you are done click "Source" again to view your new sheet.


td {
    padding: 10px; /* individual cell padding*/

table {
    border-spacing: 10px; /* full table cell spacing */
    border-collapse: separate;


Please feel free to adjust the pixels in the td field "padding" and the table field "border-spacing" to adjust your table's look and feel.

While I cannot speak for what will happen once the developers have fixed this bug, this temporary fix should help. Please note that it would be good to check the appearance of this question after future updates to ensure it is appearing as expected.


Additionally, if you would like to have a bug looked at or addressed in the future, please contact Maplesoft Technical Support directly by emailing


Best wishes,

Maplesoft Technical Support
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