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Thx for the answers guys! Too bad I "only" got Maple 11 ;). But then it's one more reason to go for the upgrade. Can you tell me how flexible this Explore command is? In the sense that: Does it only work for usual plot-commands, or is it more flexible? At the moment I would need it for the DEtools[DEplot] command.

Thx for help guys! :)

Well, in a way that is just a reformulation of my question. I want to get the range of any function as quickly and easily as possible. What would be ideal would be as said:

Given a function f(x) and its domain, i want to get out the range. For f(x) beeing a funcion from R->R, but also for functions from R^n->R^m.

i mised to type in one "t" here: g(t) = [cos(t),sin(t),t] it should say.. (btw.. where can i edit my posts in this forum? :) )
usefull function, thx! :) I was just woundering how one would calculate this integral by hand - 'cause that's what i am supposed to do, but i don't come forward.
thx! :D
hi there, Thx for your reply! I see, so the Physics Package is still beeing improved. Thx for keeping me up to date! I am just woundering if i can get these updates also if i stick with Maple 11? It's not too long ago that I bought Maple 11, and Scince the Student upgrade costs ≈100€, and the Full Version of Maple 11 (Student) did cost ≈150€, i thought i probably wait till the next full release, but am not sure yet :) (I don't know how frequent they appear). greetings, Gernot
hi there, thx for answer, Doesn't help that much yet ;). I allready found the Data Import assistant, but all the options i can choose there don't tell me uch, as i am not familiar with all this datatype stuff. What i have is a normal .txt file. They are in a sort of ordered form. Between the 1st and the 2nd column there are 5 "spaces", between the 2nd and the 3rd there are 3 "spaces". But thats all then. But i allready tried to make a table out of it in Numbers (thats the analogon to Excel on a Mac). I couldn't find out how to devide it into 3 columns yet.. any1 knows? Or maybe any1 knows that in Excel? I could use my Fathers PC for that then. hi Mariner. didn't see your post at first. I will check that ?readdata thx!
I just have seen, that the copied and pasted text lost it's formation here in the post: So the "Columns" are well structured, number under number - but it arent columns in the sense of a Excel file or something, its just a .txt file, with spaces inbetween. I could also uload the file in the webb if some1 wants to try it for me.
sry for double post.. i couldn't find an EDIT function.. where is it hidden? I have forgotten to say, that the variable "Dichte" in my Text stands for a constant mass density, which i set: > Dichte:=M/(a^3); (so to be concrete i want to calculate the I-Tensor for a Cube of length a). The Formular for the Tensor is here:
hm, i don't know, but i guess it shouldn't have something to do with what type of PDF viewer i use. The PDF is generated by Maple, not by another program. And when i print a Document directly from Maple (without first converting it) the print looks the same. but anyway i will make a test, and view a PDF with Acrobat reader on a PC, just to get sure about that.
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