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@Carl Love No, I am afraid they are not, all of them are real values like 0.1866, 0.0613 etc,

i did manage to converge once by changing the equations a bit, then after using the simplify command from Mathematica (using the same command in Maple creates extra values, why so?) but some of the solutions are a bit off so i am playing around with domain ranges as
@vv stated to get a general solution.


EDIT: Question Solved, Thanks a lot everyone!!!


thanks a lot for the extra effort, sir .. i will definitely look into it


thanks for that info, unfortunately the domain restriction did not work

fortunately i do have the solution from a reference source so it definitely converges, means maybe there's something wrong with my equations, will check on them thoroughly once again

@Carl Love 

Thanks for the information on fsolve, definitely helps in understanding

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