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With Statistics, how can I get/compute the Studentized Range distribution, commonly called the q distribution, which is used in Tukey's post-hoc Honestly Significant Difference (HSD) test (Wikipedia link)? Does this distribution exist in Statistics with a different name? Can I calculate it as some combination of distributions that do exist in Statistics? I know that it is closely related to Student's t distribution.

Here's a Maple trivia question: There is a Maple symbol that cannot be used as a procedure parameter. As far as I can tell it is the only one. What is it?

In the following code, why is B returned unevaluated?

A:= a:  B:= 2:
F:= _a-> eval(`if`(A,B,C), a= _a):

How does one view the Maple code that controls embedded components in a worksheet? I've looked at every menu on the toolbar and every context menu I could find, but nothing seems to fit.

Is there any way to detect programmatically that a WARNING has been issued? A method that converts WARNINGs to errors would be acceptable.

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