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My name was formerly Carl Devore. I was in the PhD math program at University of Delaware until 2005. I was very active in the Maple community at that time.

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I want to set up an RSS or IFTTT so that I get a notification on my phone whenever there's something new in the Active Conversations stack. My phone uses Google Android. I'd prefer to not need to rely on email/gmail for the notification; something more endogenous to Android would be preferable. I've never used RSS or IFTTT, so detailed instructions are preferable.

Can anyone explain the reasoning that went into the programming decisions that led Maple to give these results?

is(-infinity, complex); #expected: false
is(-infinity-I*infinity, complex); #expected: false
exp(-infinity - I) = limit(exp(x-I), x= -infinity); #expected: 0=0
                         infinity*I = 0
is(exp(x)<>0) assuming x::complex; #expected: true
is(exp(x)<>0) assuming x::real; #expected: true
coulditbe(exp(x)=0) assuming x::complex; #expected: false


I expect the output for the following code to be a Matrix containing 720 and a Matrix containing 21. What I get is a Matrix containing x^6 and one containing 21, which shows an unexpected difference between the parameter evaluation rule for Matrix products and that for Matrix sums. Is there a good reason for this, or is it a bug? Do any other binary operators between rtables also show this weirdness? 

local x, q, v:= <<x>>, s:= <<0>>, p:= <<1>>; 
   for x to n do p:= p.v; s:= s+v od; 
   p, s 
end proc(6);


Why does the following code return a vector containing x rather than containing 1 and how can I correct it?

proc() local x, v:= <x>; x:= 1; rtable_eval(v) end proc();

My actual goal is to have a Matrix with a parameter inside a procedure and to create different instantiations of the Matrix in a loop by changing the parameter. 

I just noticed with chagrin that one of my favorite menu commands, Edit -> Remove output -> From worksheet, is missing from Maple 2019's Standard GUI. Is there a keyboard command or toolbar item to replace it?

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