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I expect the output for the following code to be a Matrix containing 720 and a Matrix containing 21. What I get is a Matrix containing x^6 and one containing 21, which shows an unexpected difference between the parameter evaluation rule for Matrix products and that for Matrix sums. Is there a good reason for this, or is it a bug? Do any other binary operators between rtables also show this weirdness? 

local x, q, v:= <<x>>, s:= <<0>>, p:= <<1>>; 
   for x to n do p:= p.v; s:= s+v od; 
   p, s 
end proc(6);


Why does the following code return a vector containing x rather than containing 1 and how can I correct it?

proc() local x, v:= <x>; x:= 1; rtable_eval(v) end proc();

My actual goal is to have a Matrix with a parameter inside a procedure and to create different instantiations of the Matrix in a loop by changing the parameter. 

I just noticed with chagrin that one of my favorite menu commands, Edit -> Remove output -> From worksheet, is missing from Maple 2019's Standard GUI. Is there a keyboard command or toolbar item to replace it?

I vaguely recall others complain about disappearing Code Edit Regions. Does anyone else recall that? I had one disappear from the very top of the attached worksheet (right after the restart), causing me to lose about 15-30 minutes of work. I've totally recreated the work, so I have no interest in this worksheet being repaired. I'm merely posting it in case anyone wants to do an autopsy on it.

Another issue that happened twice with this worksheet is that when I unchecked the "Expanded" box on the Code Edit Region menu (pull out from the right side of the screen) and copied the text to my clipboard (for posting on MaplePrimes), that copied text was missing my most-recent changes to the code. They reappeared when I expanded again. (But it's really difficult to copy-and-paste a multi-screen Code Edit Region when it's expanded.)

My final issue (and this has bothered me for years), is how the heck are you supposed to find the line with the syntax error in a several-hundred-line Code Edit Region? Unlike with inline code, the cursor is not placed near the error

I hate it when a user bumps every Question that they've ever asked over the past five years to the top of Recent (aka Active Conversations) stack! This is not the first time that this has happened. I rely heavily on that stack being truly the threads with the most-recent material. Can't something be done about this short of deleting the threads? That seems too drastic: While this user has occasionally been a pest in the past, they've also posted some decent material. There should be some way for a moderator to just reset the stack positions to what they were previously.

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