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I am trying to derive solutions for cubic equation using Maple.

Problem I encountered is it automatically cancles and simplifies, I cannot reach to the final form using Maple commands except modifying the equation by myself.


(-108*q - 12*sqrt(12*p^3 + 81*q^2))^(1/3)/6 into (-q/2 + sqrt(p^3/27 + q^2/4))^(1/3)

Another one, even though I want this fractional form, it becomes other form automatically

(-q/2 + sqrt(p^3/27 + q^2/4))^(1/3) into (-q/2 + sqrt(12*p^3 + 81*q^2)/18)^(1/3)

Thank you.

Hello there,

I want to simplify this for a given rule in Maple


rule :  ia+ib+ic=0

A desired result should be 


but I can't apply this rule in Maple...  it seems like recursive and goes back again and again.


Can it break the recursive routine and make it as a desired result?


 Thank you

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