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@Claybourne Well I just reinstalled the program and now it's rendering like Tom's showed. Thanks for the help everyone.

@acer I tried what you suggested and it still renders the same values.

@acer Sorry about that. I'm just learning. It should be attached to this. Let me know if it didn't work.
I did check all the places I know how for numeric formatting. It seems to be set to "None". Is there a secret place that makes a default setting?


ans2 := (1/2000)*(654321987*123456789); evalf(ans2); evalf[20](ans2); evalf[30](ans2)





@tomleslie Your answer makes lots of sense. Thank you for replying. I do notice that your read out of "evalf(ans2); evalf[20](ans2); and evalf[30](ans2);" yeild different results than I get though. If I type it as you typed it, here in this window, I get what you get. Yet as you see in the screenshot, when I ype it in Maple it rounds the answer. Is this another error on my part?

I get why you devide by 2000 instead of 2. Why does Preben say you need to divide by 2 000 000?

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