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Dear All,

I've just started using MapleTA and I'm exploring the Latex capabilities. The test question that I have constructed looks like:

\qutext{Test  \blank[formula]{\var{ans}} Test.}

However, I get the following error during latex conversion:

Dear All, I have two odes, dX/dt = -X(t)*Y(t) and dY(t)/dt = X(t)*Y(t) I can solve these numerically using the following code: eq_1:=diff(X(t), t)=-X(t)*Y(t); eq_2:=diff(Y(t),t)=X(t)*Y(t); IC:={eq_1, eq_2,X(0)=10,Y(0)=1}; F:=dsolve(IC, {X(t),Y(t)},type=numeric, method=rosenbrock); h := theta->eval(X(t),F(theta)); h(1); However, I would like to add perturbations at specific time points. For example, at t=10, set X=5, or at t=15, Y=0. How should I do this in maple? Note: my actual situation involves a 100 odes. Thanks, Colin
Dear All, I seem to be having trouble with 0^n in maple, can someone help? Essentially, I have a complex function that simplifies under certain conditions to
gives 0. Whereas,
gives 1. Any ideas? Thanks Colin
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