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@Kitonum I feel badly that such a simple, and elegant, solution exists and I wasn't able to discover it. Thank you, so much.

@mmcdara This is what I was looking for. I am glad you showed the process for Gaussian RVs, as well as non-Gaussian RVs.

@Rouben Rostamian  This is almost what I want. I want the placement and direction of the arrowheads to be automated dependent on the critical values of the DE and the sign (+ or -) of the DE. Also, I want the axis to be oriented vertically, not horizontally. I will try and modify your code to reflect these changes! Much appreciated.

@acer Yes, my goal is to print a statement that includes text of the form: This is the 5th object with a certain property. So, I would rather not have the double-quotes showing.

@Carl Love It works now! Thanks for your assistance and patience!

@Carl Love Wow, you have really strong feelings about 2D. Keep in mind that some of don't have the experience you do with scientific software and this interface helps those who aren't so savvy. 

  • My cursor is to the left of a prompt. My cursor is blinking. The prompt is a reddish/maroonish color.
  • The pull-down says 2D Input

Attached is an image that might help.


@Carl Love I tried what you suggested and I'm still getting the same error. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Sorry to be a bother.

@Carl Love Okay. I've always used 2D input. What is the 'best' way to convert it to 1D input?

@Carl Love So, I tried to use both and they are both giving me an error. I can't figure out why. I've attached the worksheets. TreeToPrü Download Prü


@Carl Love I have never used heap before. You've motivated me to learn more about it. I particularly like your statistical analysis of the TreeToPrufer code. It is rather efficient. Much appreciated!

@Carl Love I'll use lprint.

@Carl Love  I've used that approach before. I find it strange that solve ignores assumptions.

@Carl Love I completely missed your response. This does what I need. Thanks!

@acer This ended up being much simpler than I was making it. Thanks! I'll have a look the the ArrayTool:-BlockCopy command.

@dharr This is perfect! Thank you!

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