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In statistical analyses, it is common to fit a model to data where, say, the x-coordinates are known exactly and the y-coordinates are known inexactly, with some assumed error distribution. It is often useful to plot the data, with bars indicating the std. deviation (say) of the potential error in the y-coordinates. Maple's Statistics package has a procedure for doing that: ErrorPlot. ErrorPlot, however draws error bars horizontally, instead of vertically. I do not understand this, especially as the Help seems to indicate that the errors are in the y-coordinates, as usual in statistics. Why are ErrorPlot error bars drawn horizontally?
This thread is for people who have comments on Maple's documentation, e.g. the Help system, the dictionary, etc.
Has Maple 11 changed the way you do mathematics? For me, it has. For me, Maple used to be a “mechanized mathematical assistant”. That is, when I was doing something mathematical, I would do it at my desk, with Maple on a computer beside me, to assist with some of the calculations. I used many sheets of paper; the papers were messy and disorganized. I would scribble equations, scratch out mistakes or recopy the good parts onto another sheet, have sub-results strewn about haphazardly, etc. With Maple 11, things are different. Now I do mathematics almost entirely within Maple. Now I keep everything in a document. I type formulae with 2D input, which looks much like how I would write things on paper, except neater. Graphics are interwoven with the formulae (and can be scribbled on). Mistakes are erased within the document. Sub-results are nicely put into collapsible subsections. The organization can, and of course does, change as I figure things out.
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