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I submitted, to Maplesoft, a document that describes several bugs in Maple 11.01. A copy of the document is available here: (Note: the document is about 900 kB, which is currently too large for MaplePrimes upload.)
I've submitted to Maplesoft some suggestions for Help pages in Maple 11.01. A copy is online, and comments on it would be welcomed: View on MapleNet or Download
View file details Note that the document is “live”—i.e. if the cursor is on an italicized word (preceded by “?”), and you press Enter, then the Help page comes up.
Statistics:-ScatterPlot provides a mechanism to plot a lowess curve, and the implementation seems to be flexible and convenient. There is, though, a problem with using ScatterPlot. ScatterPlot only plots the curve. I would like to be able to do computations with the curve; for example, I would like to compute the sum of squared residuals. So I suggest that Statistics[DataSmoothing] include a separate procedure for generating a lowess curve (the same curve that ScatterPlot plots). Note: I have posted about using lowe
MaplePrimes seems to have a problem with <maple> tags for modules. When I wrap the tags around Statistics:-ErrorPlot(a,b) the “Statistics:-” gets elided.
I am running Maple under Windows XP Pro, SP2. A couple week ago, I upgraded from Maple 11.0 to Maple 11.01. Everything went fine. According to Help>About, I had the version from June 8 2007, Build ID 296069. Just now, when I started Maple, there was a pop-up notice telling me that there was a newer version of Maple available. So I downloaded and installed the new version. According to Help>About, I now have the version from July 10 2007, Build ID 303882. There seems, though, to be an inconsistency: kernelopts(version) says     Maple 11.01, IBM INTEL NT, Jun 8 2007 Build ID 296069
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