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For some reason Maple just will not solve this...

2.160417096*x^(2.513) + 0.9921351694*x^(0.512) -15.95645167 = 0

It runs for about 10 minutes before I decide to give up.

The only thing I can think of is I had one of those 'lost kernel' messgaes the other day and I closed Maple while it was trying to restart the kernel so maybe that caused some problems with my system...



How could I go about creating the fractal fern for which the iteration process is as described here...

Under the section - Example: a fractal "fern"


Its mostly the probability part that would be the biggest problem for me.

Below is the code found on this site for generating the mandelbrot set.



MyMandel := proc(pt)

local i,z,c;

c := pt;

if abs(c) > 2 then

return 1;


z := c;

for i from 2 to 100 do

z := z^2 + c;

if abs(z) > 2 then

return i;

end if;  end do:

return 0;

end if; end proc;


GenerateComplex := proc(pts,X1,X2,Y1,Y2)

option evalhf;

local X::Vector, Y::Vector, f1::Vector, Z::Vector;

Is there a way to combine Arrays, like 5 Arrays called a,b,c,d,e into a single Array? a,b,c,d and e are all the same size.

Ive been using.

A := Array(...) (whatever size I need)

for k to z do
  A[k] := a[k]
end do:

for k to z do
  A[k+z] := b[k]
end do:

for k to z do
  A[k+(2*z)] := c[k]
end do:

for k to z do
  A[k+(3*z)] := d[k]
end do:

for k to z do
  A[k+(4*z)] := e[k]
end do:

Is there a way to save data that's stored in an Array and put it in a new worksheet?
This is related to my other thread gc()

I've used up all my memory as I've had to increase n to a few hundred and the loop is a few million now not a few hundred thousand. So, say A is an Array with 10 million entries (so I cant just copy and paste it), and I want to compare it to another Array with 10 million entries but I dont have enough memory left to recompute the loop.

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