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Thank you for this information.

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A vector x is called the left eigenvector of the given matrix A corresponding to eigenvalue λ, if  xT A = λ x . 

Right eigenvector is called as eigenvector.

I got the plot by using the following code in Mpale 2022.

P2 := plot3d(-t^2 + x, t = 0 .. 20, x = 0 .. 400, labels = ['t', 'x', 'rho'], labelfont = [Times, 15], viewpoint = "circleleft", colorscheme = ["ygradient", ["Green", "Purple", "Blue", "Red", "BlueViolet"]]);
plotsetup(ps, plotoutput = "P2");

Then, I tried the following code in the overleaf. However, I did not get the desired result.


Plot obtained from Maple 2022. \\


Kindly suggest to me what to do.
Thanks, Deb


Could you please tell me where to use this code?

pdfcrop --margins 10  filename.pdf  filename.pdf  

Is this maple code or latex code? Kindly could you please tell us in details.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. 

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