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@Kitonum Not display. Textplot is not displayed when y is greater than 100. Assume that Maple considers the image itself is main, and therefore does not display textplot beyond

@Carl Love I have already used various dsolve settings. The class of problems I investigate always comes down to systems of differential equations, so I'm familiar with dsolve settings. But, unfortunately, the system of such a large dimension can not be solved - the lack of memory. So now I plan to reduce it to a system of linear algebraic equations and solve it accordingly

@tomleslie As a result of my research work it will be necessary to solve a system of 180 differential equations. I can send You the generated system and you will see how the built-in numerical solvers "cope" with this task :)

@mmcdara Thanks so much. The fact is that in the end I have to solve a system of 180 differential equations. Maple's built-in tools are not up to the task - there is not enough memory. So I need to understand spline collocation in order to reduce this large system to a system of linear algebraic equations that Maple can already solve. Thank You again for your help

@acer Thanks so much

@Carl Love Thanks so much. Yes, I will need to perform this action many times

@Preben Alsholm If you do not define the functions f and g using (r) ->, maple in sys does not replace numerical values of the parameters and outputs all using the lambda, mu, etc.

@Preben Alsholm r - it's a variable, not a constant. So I think that still makes sense in the differentiation for this variable.

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