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@mehdi jafari all my instructor told me was just to replace f"(x) with a limit involving the first derivative. i just used the code for my newtons method and just replace f"(x) with the limit and every thing went wrong. im not entirely sure what to put for values in the denomenator. according to the formula its supposed to be (xk)-(xk-1) so im guessing its supposed to be x0-x0-1?

@Kitonum  i was looking at documentation and there used to be a tayplot command. hey this works too thanks for the help.

@Carl Love  i was thinking of piecewise function but is it possible to chain if then statements whats wrong with what i had.


@Carl Love  i was trying to do something a little different.

i wrote some behemoth of code. 


@Kitonum  im already familiar using sums. the home work requires i use a for loop. unfortunatly.

@John Fredsted i actually figure out the for loop thanks for the help with the for in loop though. 

@Mac Dude 

looking at it now. it seems so simple. i adore my instructor but sometimes shes not so clear.  let me give it a shot. i wil get back to you with results.

@Mac Dude the function f(x)=e^x or rather exp(x). oh and would the plots package be on the maple homepage?

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