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  Thanks for the reply. Yes I played around with Maple a bit and I realized messing with the range seemed to allow the plot to have the "correct shape" but you see based on the y axis the overall area of the histogram is still normalized to one. Is it possible to prevent this feature? I just want it show up like in your second picture but with the histograms filled up to 2, 2, 2, 2, 1 on the y axis.
 This is the same data set plotted in Mathematica, I would like it to look like that. Notice how it also seems to fill the first bar from 0 to 1.


  I am not sure, though I just rewrote the eveything so that maple now just spits the results straight into a text file by using fprintf and skipping arrays.

   I am using fsolve to solve for the root of a trigonometric polynomial (so like x^15+x^2...etc where x=sin(theta) for example) while varying certain parameters. There is a inner loop and a outer loop. The inner loop corresponds to the azimuthal angle eta and the outer loop to a radius. The inner loop needs to be 180 iterations and the outer loop as many as I could computationally handle 2000 or so. The solution to fsolve in the inner loop are the zenith angle values which I then I then mirror in the four quadrants of a plane defined by a given azimuthal angle if you imagine your taking a planar slice.  So in total I have about 2000*180*4 points.


 I am trying to produce the graphics for the magnetosphere of a pulsar, as the solution can only be found numerically the more points i have the more it seems that the i have a smooth surface rather then a discrete number of points i have already reduced the number of points significantly.




  Thanks, I will try this as soon as I have time.

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