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question 2: I found the double quotation marks in maple doesn't symmetric...



why this was not been expanded?

z2 := (2+4*i)*(-1+3*i)/((1+i)*(4-i))

zz2 := expand(z2)

zz2 := -2/((1+i)*(4-i))+2*i/((1+i)*(4-i))+12*i^2/((1+i)*(4-i))

denominators are all (1+i)*(4-i)

even after I expanded (1+i)*(4-i)


and then use subs command

subs((1+i)*(4-i) = 4+3*i-i^2, zz2)

the result was the same! it's strange for me.


Yes,it's ok,when I execute any line without colon ":" at the end;

For example,If I execute z1:=x+I y,then take the following steps,only the results z1:=z1+I y will be displayed.

But If I don't want to see the results! That can't be collapsed.

If I delete the results showed,then all things include blocked will be deleted.

I find that in the Relational Round Palette,and the A sub (with command completion) B

question2:The difference between "Union" and "Cup" symbols in the operator palette is ?

I just find that the Union symbol is a little my contex

 Is it right:"In some books,"⊂" can be express the relation subset,and in others,it can express proper subset the same to "⫋"?


question 3:how to input “ ……”,“suspension points ”,(“……”this is made by "^" in other typesetting input mode),and why in Mathematical things,we use "…",ie three points,,,,,for six is two many?

question 4:In defaut mode," ×" and some other operators are a little ugly,how to make it beautiful?


When export as .pdf

how to hide the indent line and triangle marks? Choose the white color?

question 2:

 ctrl comma works,but ctrl period doesn't work...@@

some hotkeys are clashed,for example,my typewriting software,or other software.

so if I can set the Maple's hotkeys the first order to execute?


question 3:

the methods to convert

                  z = z[1] + z[2] + …… + z[n]
omega = omega[1]*omega[2] .. omega[n]  "

to the same expression with each conjugate elements


sorry for forgetting that...

I'd like to plot those graphs,the regular simplex family-the first of three regular polytope families.

(combstruct):for n from 0 to 11 do seq(count(Combination(n), size=m) , m = 1 .. n) od;

what's this mean(%)?


results comes out

> with(DEtools);
> phaseportrait(diff(y(x), x) = -y(x), y(x), x = -2 .. 2, [[y(-2) = 2], [y(-2) = 1], [y(-2) = -2]], dirgrid = [17, 17], arrows = LINE, axes = NORMAL);

there is a misprint about "x=-2.2",that is -2..2

both the two expressions comes result correctly :)




the hotkey of "math mode" convert is?

though I can use F5 to pre convert that between math input mode and txt,and then right click the selected area of txt context to convert them to 2D-math Input(for example).




About mapleprimes,it seems we cann't edit the post but can edit our comments?


Always forgot to do search for Text

so "dirgrid seems not exist in the help" is not the question...            :)



greek letter in the left palette

"varpi" on the right of Pi

seems doesn't work


> 1/z = 1/(x+I*y) and 1/(x+I*y) = (x-I*y)*(1/((x+I*y)*(x-I*y))) and (x-I*y)*(1/((x+I*y)*(x-I*y))) = (x-I*y)/(x^2+y^2);
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
1/z = 1/(x+I*y) and 1/(x+I*y) = (x-I*y)*(1/((x+I*y)*(x-I*y))) and (x-I*y)*(1/((x+I*y)*(x-I*y))) = (x-I*y)/(x^2+y^2)

is false


it seems right,when 1/z = 1/(x+I*y)= (x-I*y)*(1/((x+I*y)*(x-I*y))) is true

z := x+I*y

and When I copy with ctrl +c the 2D math-input

in this page they are expressions with and

so no automatical command convert the 1/z

to the form x/(x^2+y^2)-I*y/(x^2+y^2)



 In this example

right-click and choose sequence is more easier


                     2, 0, -4, -8, -8, 0, 16, 32, 32, 0...


Actualy For removing the warter marks I've just installed the nitro pdf professional,so I have another virtual printer,

If I use the Photoshop cs4,may consume more memory,for Photoshop is a little big,and a little slow to start.

Softwares are:snagit with snagit editer;virtual pdf printer !

Open the large size picture(mines are always longer than one page)with snagit editer,then configure the page setup in the print option,choose "fit the width."

then send print to the virtual pdf printer,of course you should install before above steps.

I'm so happy that I solve the problem in a way,

The inspiration comes from the installed software PDF-Xchange3 (actually this is installed with other software)

The pdf saver 3 with his pdf printer(another printer)can also help you save the pdf document with two or more pages that splitted from the large picture.

but the editon I use have some warter marks,so I give up it.

Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 can also help you print,but it maybe not so easy to batch process.

Snagit is the most important,Let me proceed to research how to batch process easily.



I'd like to know other easy methods!Thanks for your sharing.

If someone have the same problem,I'll link some pictures if you need.




Yes,it seems something related to the Math 1D input,

if I convert that into Math 1D by right-clicking,they become red-font expression 

proc (x) local t; t := x*x*x; sqrt(t) end proc;

Is this the same to input that with maple input style?(read font default)

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