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Many thanks to you all. Indeed I was mistaken to think this was solvable. I need one more constraint if the problem is to be solavable. I am very gracious for the support of you all for your time on this. Again, many thanks!

Thanks and sorry @vv only the Lij's drawn are known.

Shouldn't this be a simple geometry problem?

To solve for each quadralateral I need to know all sides and one angle (not known). Since I have two quadralateral's I should be able to set the common (unknown) angle next to point 3 as being equal in each quadralateral and solve for the unknown Lij's and all angles? Why am I struggling?

Thasnk @vv , this is an interesting answer and approach. Only a few of the L[k,0] and L[k,1] values are known and infact solving for the unknown values is what I am trying to do.

I had thought I could come to a solution by applying the cosine law as @Rouben Rostamian was suggesting but after trying multiple ways I am still without a solution.

Thanks @Rouben Rostamian, indeed this is how I set it up in the Maple worksheet which is appended above. I have approached the problem from a few angles in the file which is appended now. Maple always gets stuck when I try to solve for the solution. As you say I would not have thought this to be remarkable.  

Thanks @Rouben Rostamian


@dharr 1223 noticed that I was providing too many initial conditions which was apparently preventing dsolve from working. Phi, theta and psi change in time and I do not need to solve for them.

So equation 20 in the appended is my equation for S between time 0 and time t I guess?

Thansk @dharr, yes you!

Thanks @Rouben Rostamian  ;

In equation 13 of the appended. I attmept to descibe the relationship between S dotdot(t) and py1 as an ODE.

I would like to solve for S(t).

Thanks @Carl Love 


Is this easier to read?

Thanks again @tomleslie!

Many thanks @tomleslie 

Some of the terms in my Jy equation are differential equations. I would expect additional terms in the partial differential equations I calculate in the end. Might you again be willing to share with me what I am doing wrong?

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