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I wish to calculate connection, curvature, Ricci curvature etc. for a

Riemannian metric given as follows: there is an orthogonal frame of vector

fields with stipulated Lie bracket relations between them. The frame is

orthogonal but not orthonormal, and the lengths of its vector fields are functions

of a single function on the manifold. Given these metric values on the frame and the

Lie bracket relations, the covariant derivatives are in principle computable from the

Koszul formula, hence connection and curvature are all determined.

When I try to define the metric using a dual coframe in ATLAS's Metric

routine, it allows me to define it but claims there is not actual curvature.

From the help it seems the coframes used in this routine are always given

as differentials of coordinates. Is there a way to get the metric via the data

given above without putting in by hand all the different Koszul formulas etc.?

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