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No it does not seem to work. But actually I do not really understand what you are doing :-( Take a look at the attached worksheet.

View 10838_No here is how I used on MapleNet or Download 10838_No here is how I used
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This is strange, way dose maple not writing the integral in its most simple form when I tire to evaluate it with ctrl+=.
Take a look at the attached worksheet for more details.
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Thanks’ this tool where great!  Maybe you should consider including a way to get the polynomial on the quotient and remainder form in the right click menu. Just a thought :-)
Ok second question. This is the first time I try to insert math directly into the forum. Is it just my web browser who doesn’t want to show the nice integral I tried to insert or dose everyone else also just see a piece of ugly code where the beautiful picture would have been?
If the worst is true I had inserted a worksheet with the question in this post.
Thanks for your support.
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