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The question is more than one year old, but maybe the answer is interesting to others as well. One possible way is:




And so on. The advantage is that you can use a lot more types of expressions if you enclose them in single quotes and Maple does not isue the infamous "Warning, The following variable name replacements were made: ..."

For example:


Matlab(t,resultname="t(1)");       # Does not work

Matlab(['t(1)'=t]);                         # Works


Another option is to generate the Matlab-code using sequencies:

seq(seq(Matlab(J[i,j], resultname = cat(VarName, convert(i, string),convert(j, string))), j = 1 .. Dimension(J)[2]),i=1 .. Dimension(J)[1]);

Here the output name is constructed by concatenation of strings.

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