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@acer I I'll be sure to check there first next time! Thank you!

@Carl Love You're a saint, and the explanations have helped me so much. Thank you again, and no problem. You deserve the best answer! 

@Carl Love Thank you for the awesome explanation! It makes a lot more sense now, and I understand why my code wasnt working before, as well as other past things. This will definetly take some getting used too.
Procedures are the whole equations, while functions are just parts of it.
sin(x) is a function and then together f:=x->sin(x) is a procedure.

I'll upvote you once I get the minimum 10 reps to vote. Again, thank you so much!

newtons := proc( f, x, n::integer)
    Blagh blagh blagh

Then when calling it.
newtons(g, 2.5, 10);

My problem was that I was calling it like
newtons(g(x), 2.5, 10); Which caused weird stuff to happen.
Call your procs without adding (x), and dont add ::function to the proc

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