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Oh sorry, I didn't know it was the same system. But I'd like to see a plot3d with the both variables x and y. How can i do if i write x=y+u ?

Yes, but this time, i've d/dx² and d/dy². The boundary conditions change too

Thanks a lot !

Ah ok! I've changed my boundary conditions and i got :  proc(x_rkf45) ... end proc

How can i now see my fonction ?

Thanks for your help !

Ok, good seen ! Thanks a lot!

Okay, sorry for the inconvenience. I hadn't seen the buttom :/

I've solved my problem :)

sorry i've problem with my post


I asked if it was possible to help me in my other post (i can't give the adresse, because of this bug!) You can see it in my historique of messages!

Thanks for your answer! It's work perfectly !


P.S : f is centered in x=5

Ah ok. F1 is determinated with the boundary conditions! Thans a lot for the answers! Althought, i'm a little surprised that the solution is so easy ?

Thanks for the answer but i don't know what mean the functions Root_Of. In addition, i've not ideas of the arbitrary functions, C_1 and so on :/

That's why i wanted to do the numeric application

Maybe Maple isn't abble to solve this system ?

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