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I have been using MapleTA for some years and very occasionally a student wil do something which results in him/her not being able to login. On login an error message looking something like the one pasted below occurs. In every other respect and for all other users, TA is running fine. As an administrator, I cannot find a way of resetting this user account. I have used a workaround in the past of creating another user but this is unsatisfactory for large student numbers. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a common cause? Is there a way to reset the student's account?

Can anyone tell me how to delete a set of questions? Yes it is clear how to delete one question. In earlier versions, there was a two step process in importing a question bank; one could import the question bank and then logout without  'saving' it if one did not want to keep the questions. When I import an existing question bank into v5, it seems to automatically save the questions. I now have a couple of hundred questions i want to delete!! The user guide on page...

Can anyone please explain how to abstract all student responses to a particular assignment or question eg. text response to an essay type question? I appreciate that this is not possible simply using TA but, with access to the server folders and postgrel, is there a fairly simple recipe for someone unfamiliar with querying databases?

Many thanks

 I hope someone may be able to help with some operational problems in moving from v2.5 to v3. Yes, I know .....but there is a case for not being totally up to date. I have ironed out any technical (ie mathematical) problems but the operation of such an expensive but poor piece of software is staggering. We have been using it for three years and know all the groans about 'early' versions


For increased flexibility, I have been using a system of one question per assignment. I allow students, say, three attempts at a given assignment. I cannot find a way to reduce the maximum mark available for attempts after the first. Does anyone know if this is possible? If not, is there a workaround? I did think of creating a 'copy' of the assignment for each attempot but the admin of this may get excessive. Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

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