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I am working with two multivariate functions A and B, with coefficients over a finite field. The x-degree of A is greater than or equal to B, which is greater than or equal to 1, and thus I want to find q and r such that:

A = q*B + r, where q, r are elements of K(y,z)[x], where K is my finite field. Obviously, I would like the x-degree of r to be less than that of B, and r not equal to 0.

My problem is this: the Rem and Quo commands, which will deal with my...

Hi, I am new to Maple, and, though I have scoured the internet and Maple's help, I have been unable to find a way to construct an element of F[x], where F is a finite field. Just to clarify, I am looking to construct a polynomial with variable x (eventually it will be multivariate, but I think I can extend to that easily), with coefficients from some finite field of size p^k, p and k being given.

I have seen a few examples online of people converting polynomials to...

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