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There seems to exist no such facility with Maple 17, although that was present for Maple 16, 15, ...  and it seemed to be useful. Please explain its absence.

When can we expect Maple 15.02 to appear, to correct that major error of matrix multiplication and the plotting problem with the classic interface in particular?

     Now a new set of fundamental physical constants has been released, as of 2011 June, making the values embedded in Maple's package Scientific Constants from the preceding millennium a further step obsolescent.  I understand, however, that the values of mathematical constants pi and exp(1) are still current.

As an exercise to find the solution of this equation,

         (a^(x+2))^(1/3)  =  (a^(x-5))^(1/2)

Maple 14 and 15 provide no answer, which preceding releases found to be x = 19,

but complain about a "numeric exception: division by zero"!

     Is that progress with Maple?

int(sqrt(1 + sec(x)^2), x)

int(sqrt(2 + tan(x)^2), x)

With Maple 13, which is the latest version on the computer on which I tested these integrals (that originated with a

senior scientist in Australia), the former yields a reasonably compact answer, but the latter yields an extensive

output containing Elliptic functions of various kinds.  The two integrands are trigonometric identities.  What is the

problem here?


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