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@Carl Love Thank you! I put restart on its own line and also loaded each package on its own line as well and that seemed to fix the problem. It seems that some versions of Maple are bothered by this, but some aren't. I will work on improving the readability to not rely on the packages, but this does seem to have fixed the problem. Many thanks for your response!

@Thomas Richard Interesting. It is running fine for me in Maple 18 and I myself have not seen the error, but I have collaborators using Maple 2016, Maple 2018, and Maple 2019 that are seeing the error. I don't know if they have 2019.1 or not. I'm wondering if it is dependent upon operating system? I might try to rewrite the distance portion and see if it improves. I really appreciate your response.

@acer Good point - I've added the sheet to my post and here as well. testsheet.mw 

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