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@ecterrab  I think the post is asking why the Stress Energy tensor is nonzero for a vacuum solution.

@mmcdara  The only simplification tools I was aware of was simplify and subs.
I have gradly added this to my list.

@mmcdara  I was not. Thank you lol

@Carl Love I just wanted to know if there is a way to use forget to make maple forget every calculation in the loop. The way I see it it can forget individual procedures.

Just like the try catch statement where it can catch individual error phrase but if you simply put "catch:" it will catch all errors. I was wondering if an equivalent command was available.

Thanks. That clears it up. I accidently put two indices [1,1] instead of [1] and was expecting an error but it calculated a vector so was just curious what it meant.


@Carl Love Thank you for your response. How would i go about setting up multiple evaluations in a loop one after another. for example, if in your example, I was evaluating 1/R and then 1/(R-1) and then 1/(R-2).
I dont seem to be able to use catch and next again for the next statement.

Thank you.

@nm Thank you so much!

Is it possible to use this to get field equations for gravity by using a (modified gravity) Lagrangian?

@rlopez This is absolutely amazing. Thank you!

@Carl Love  This is perfect. Thank you so much!!!

@Carl Love
It should include [a,b+c], it was an error on my part.
for [a,b,c,d] I want the following kind of output.

Thank you.

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