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I just noticed that Maple 2020.1 (but not plain 2020) has an issue with print to PDF if you have a plot3d on a page.

Anything after the plot3d output on the same page of the PDF file is simply not shown.

The issue seems to be with both Windows and Mac which makes me suspect its a Maple problem.

Any info on this? Any workarounds? We have students with written exams in a week so its a bit annoying.

I seem to be getting false solutions with Maple 2019.2 from solve and cannot figure out why.

Example :

f := x -> x*sqrt(4*x^2 + 1) + arcsinh(2*x);
sol := solve(f(x) = 5., x);
sol := 1.247747277, -1.839602523, 0.2519279800 - 1.361107684 I,
  0.2519279800 + 1.361107684 I
f(sol[1]); =    4.999999999
f(sol[2]); =   -9.027641618

Thus the second reported solution is not a solution after all.

Any ideas are most welcome.


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