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I tried your code and also learnt some new useful commands!Your statement "Explore(,animate,loop,autorun)" enlights me a lot!


Before I have seen your old post and learnt from it but I can't realize the similarity deeply between these two problems.Today I learn it again!

Really appreciate!

Recently I am thinking how to create animation of paticular image with Maple's ImageTools .Maybe your work inspires me a lot!

I really appreciate it !A  wonderful and intrstng job.I learn from it

@Kitonum Thans a lot!!!

@Mac Dude I really appreciate you !!!Your suggestions about how to export .mpl help me a lot~

@AmusingYeti I try several times but still meet some truble.I use windows 10 operation and I am sure that my address of file is right.However,error appers as pictures shows. ".maple" doesn' belong to" .mpl"?How to solve it?Can you give me an solution in details~Thanks a lot!

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